Catch that chicken! Well, them chickens, actually.

Chickens 3 – Humans 0. That’s the score right now anyway…

Today, we picked up three more chickens, to bring our flock up to six and hopefully make us once more self sufficient in eggs. We bought three Welsummer birds just past start of laying, from a local farm. Well, experienced as we are with chicken fettling we immediately let them roam our back garden. Error. Stupid error.

Chickens fly. You have to clip the flight feathers on one wing in order to destabilise them and keep them grounded.

Almost immediately two went to ground behind large shrubs and the third went over the fence. In attempting to recapture the other two we spooked them over the opposite fence. Luckily all our neghbours were understanding and allowed us free access to their gardens but to no avail. Apart from chasing one chicken round and round one house into the next garden and back again we were stumped. We tried leaving food out in front of an open friendly garden shed, but in the end dusk came, our more pliable girls went to bed, and we shut the shed up and retired, worrying about trashed vegetable plots and poo covered cars…

Half time? Chickens 3 – Humans 0


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