BabelDisc 2

Ok, another day another play…

Today I got an email from BabelDisc with my user name. Apparently it wasn’t my email address, and the delay in geting my user name was due to a manual credit card check at BabelDisc; fair enough in a beta environment. So, since I find this blog is now being read by BabelDisc (keep wanting to type Babel Fish… must remember to put the CD in the right place) customer services (hi Iain), here we go with tonights attempts.

Initially, I got to the main menu which offers amongst other things to create a BabelBooster on my spare 2GB USB memory stick. I selected this option, and it began by offering to partition the memory stick (I selected partitoion and trash existing files, the recommended option). I left it doing that as Miss and I went for our evening constitutional around the village, and an hour later I returned to find it still… partitioning. Well, not.

I tried a reboot with the USB memory stick still plugged in, and it just sat there until I gave up and hit the power again.

Without the memory stick plugged in, the machine got to the log-in box in about three and a half minutes. This is on a reasonably decent machine, 4600+ Athlon, 2GB DDR400 RAM and 40x CD drive. Logging in with the correct user name and password I sat back and waited… for about two minutes when the screen started to fill with HTML behind the log-in dialogue. Some of it said ‘try again’, so I get the impression things were going pretty much to plan – just not any plan that involved getting to a useable system.

In fairness the computer still accepted a shutdown command, and powered off after only 15 seconds. I hit power-up again and went off to the loo, leaving the computer to boot into XP – yopu could call it a wee-boot. However, I forgot the box would boot to a CD in favour of the OS partition and came back to see it attempt once more to run BabelDisc. And fail.

So, for now, back to XP – quite a stable OS really LOL.


One response to “BabelDisc 2”

  1. bish mate, you need a computer upgrade. Something with a rock-solid, Unix-based OS, maybe something like a Mac. Come on, leave the dark side, you know you want to really…


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