Returned Canon G7… returns!

You’ll recall I had to return my six week old G7 after it started to exhibit ‘lens error – reset camera’ problems. The turn around wasn’t trouble free, I’d bought it through Amazon from a supplier (Pixmania) who turned out to be based in France! That meant sending it to a UK depot, then losing all track of it until it arrived home again yesterday. The long time it was away, and confused English / French emails denying they’d received the camera despite my holding an electronic delivery receipt caused me to seek redress from Amazon. Although they promised a refund solution on two occasions it never actually happened, and eventually of course the camera came back. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was no engineers report with the camera, and only time will tell if the camera is actually fixed, or has merely been given a Gallic shrug. If it’s the latter, I think I’ll go straight to Canon and forget the middleman.

[later: ‘sfunny how these useful comment sites pop up after you’ve made the purchase. Pixmania has some form, it seems.]

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