Outings: Druidry, Cornwall and BJH(wLH)

Been a busy bish recently.

The volunteer job with The Druid Network is ramping up nicely, and I spent an enjoyable working weekend in Wales at the AGM. Then we took the camper down to Cornwall, not to stay in but to meet up with friends in a marvellously equipped farmhouse near Padstow. We took the camper simply to assess it’s long distance capability, and it checked out fine. France is on the cards! We ate at Rick Steins (his bistro and his chippie!) and made a first but definitely not last visit to the Eden Project. What a brilliant, inspiring place!

This Saturday we went to the Bristol Colston Hall to see Barclay James Harvest – or thought we were going to. It appears, like many old bands, there are several BJH’s and ours was ‘with Les Holroyd’, and I fear it wasn’t quite the gig we were hoping for. The sound desk was crap – the sound man seemed to spend all night fiddling unsuccessfully with the setup – and the lighting uninspiring. The volume was such that we moved way back from our booked seats to some of the many empty ones. The Colston Hall staff were handing out earplugs FFS! So… not a return gig.

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