An Inconvenient Truth

The R2 DVD of the film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was released at the end of 2006, and dropped through the letterbox, courtesy of those nice folk at Amazon, a few days ago. I’ve watched it twice, thus far, and each time it’s been impossible not to be overwhelmed by the tale it tells.

Perhaps, in my reaction, there’s something of my spirituality, based strongly in the connection of deity and environment, a Druidry mixed with an engineers understanding of Gaia mixed with an empathic connection with the sentient land. Perhaps I feel it too strongly. (I know a Born Again evangelical who tells me it’s fine, even preordained, that the world is following this path since the Rapture will make this planet unnecessary. It’s a hard idea to even take seriously! I shall have to get her to watch the documentary, to see how she passes it off.)

There’s nothing in the presentation that I was unaware of – I’ve caught stories here and there on various news media over the years – it’s just put altogether it makes for an incredible insight into where we’re going, what sort of land we’ll hand on to our children. I wonder what curses they will scream at us, those folk of the near future, that we knew so much and did so little?

Al Gore uses his own history and background to make the telling of this unfolding tragedy very personal, and it’s easy to empathise with him. Of course, he’s a politician, well used to using strongly persuasive tactics. Still, it’s unsettling to realise what a different world we might have had if those chads in Florida had been interpreted so very  slightly differently…

I would echo the tagline review on the base of the DVD box (of recycled card!) – everyone ought to watch this video. I’ll say it again, at the risk of becoming another evangelical, watch this DVD. A normally cynical bish speaks.

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