Yuletide Blessings

Well it’s darky dark time, and as we nip out to greet the Solstice night in the promise of the returning Sun, Sol Invictus, I wish you all a splendid Yule. And if you Christians feel uncomfortable about receiving blessings of Solstice from a dirt worshipping pagan, remember it’s your festival too. In the Bible, it clearly states that the sheep were in the field when Christ was born which means that the birth took place in the spring. However, the Romans had a major holiday that began on the Solstice. Called Saturnalia, it included a school holiday, gift-giving, special foods, and evergreen trees. It is widely believed that the early Christians moved the celebration of Christmas to replace the Saturnalia festival (in much the same way that they subsumed local deities as saints) following the conversion of Constantine. I’m not sure if they had mad shopping frenzies, or sent ‘seasons greetings’ or ‘happy winterval’ cards…

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8 responses to “Yuletide Blessings”

  1. Oh I’m sure they did have mad shopping frenzies *grin*

    People forget that the giving and receiving of presents is steeped in paganism at yuletide as are all the decorations.

    My spiritual inclinations are to the turning of the wheel (as you know), but as someone who has tried to do the whole “only yule thang” I can say hand on heart that if you have a family it just doesn’t work.

    Our celebrations finish and the rest of the country are still having fun in the anticipation. It’s really depressing.

    If Boggy and I were alone we would perhaps forget about Christmas and its commercialism, but because we have a family its almost an act of cruelty, especially if they aren’t of a pagan persuasion themselves.

    Its rather like JW’s not allowing their kids to take part in celebrations the rest of the counrty are enjoying 😀

    Anyhow, I have no problems celebrating the life of one of the greatest religious freedom fighters that history has ever known *wink*

    Besides its a good excuse to party twice 😀


  2. OOPS, Forgot.

    Have the best yule my friend and blessings to you and yours XXXXX


  3. Does that really follow? We had sheep that would lamb 3 times a year – were they just very hard working / keen? Or is my memory playing tricks with me.

    Merry Solstice my friends…


  4. Well I’m no shepherd, and perhaps have more in common with the wolf. [grin] Wiki suggests some ewes may lamb twice but most only once. As for the date of birth, who knows – and I’m certainly not going to war over it [wink][, there’s far too much of that already!


  5. I was watching QI last night and decided to do some searching as a result. Look what I found 🙂


  6. Yuletide blessings to you and yours Bish 🙂
    I stumbled over your blog whilst doing a Google search.
    And Comfrey,would you be Comfrey from the old UKP?If so blessings to you too 😉


  7. Hello Celtic 🙂
    I am she XXXXX


  8. ello moy dear 🙂

    I couldnt let this one slip by without adding a link to my eventually-to-be new local newspaper, the Palestine Herald, based a few miles from Ray:


    and they should know, I spose….


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