Casino Royale

Miss, miss and I nipped off to watch the latest James Bond movie tonight, Casino Royale. It’s a repeat watcher, as far from the first Casino Royale film as it’s possible to be. This new Bond (in fact he’s supposed to be the newly 00’d agent on his first missions) is far more ‘real’ than any of his predecessors. The action is constant, brutal, and wonderfully choreographed, and seems almost to be in chapters with particularly memorable sequences at the start, middle and end. And he’s not an invulnerable superman, which makes it much more believable too. If the product placement wasn’t quite so intrusive it would be a perfect action thriller. It’s a DVD purchase-to-be, already ordered (Yes, ordered. Not bloody pre-ordered, whatever that is) with Amazon.

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One response to “Casino Royale”

  1. Yes – craig has brought 007 back to basic, the way ian fleming first wrote about him.
    He has a license to kill and so it cna be expected that he is brutal and ruthless.
    Daniel did excellent in the film and I really enjoyed the movie!


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