Shiny Firefly

Folk missed Firefly when it got trashed, only eleven episodes into a promising science fiction story arc, back in 2002. Yells for more, for the completion of the major points in the arc, brought Serenity to the big screen in 2005. Now there’s the promise of a MMORPG. Oooh, how tempting. Even as someone who no longer plays much in terms of computer games, I can salivate at the thought of flying a Firefly. Oh, but how easily this could be a total dog. So, a call to the folk at Multiverse… Please guys, if you do this, do it right.

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One response to “Shiny Firefly”

  1. Oh please oh please oh please. I am positively salivating at the thought. That would be so cool. Personally a fan of the Companion (Inara), but suspect I probably have more in common with the engineer (Kaylee).

    I’ve been playing World of Warcraft – little dwarf skilled mage, called Coryl. Very lowly. he he he

    M been playing so ch he is level 32. (sign – WoWWidow).


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