We’ve got you now…

my new passport dropped through the door today – with a particularly heavy and horribly electrickeral thud. It’s loaded with antennas and chips and ‘oh, please don’t worry folks, it’s all fine’ leaflets… grrr. I thought I’d renewed just in time to miss the blasted biometrics for a good ten more years. I’m tempted to give it two minutes in the microwave… Did you see the news story this week where they’re talking about directional bloody microphones on CCTV cameras!!! B***ards! 


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2 responses to “We’ve got you now…”

  1. It’s just too depressing for words……..
    your blog isn’t though! Bloody wonderful!
    Though you seem to have similar head f***s to me!


  2. if they stopped doing all these government IT projects, I’d starve! meep! Think of my poor little v2.0.


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