Happy Campers

This weekend we went to Berrow Sands in Somerset, with the camper.

Several folk on here have asked for a piccie, as well as a few via email and phone, so here it is. I hope you’re not too disappointed! [grin] It’s not the dippy, trippy, hippy camper you might have been anticipating.

bish's buggy

It does, however, have several advantages over the old bay camper beloved of surf doods… Brakes, for one thing, and Power Steering too! Somewhat less rust, and cruise control and a ten cd autochanger. Ok, so it’s a bit modern, it doesn’t leak either.

Berrow Sands was lovely. At this time of year mostly abandoned apart from the kite surfers and dog walkers, but bright and sunny if chill and windy too. There’s a hundred year old wreck on the beach too, which now looks like the rib cage of a massive creature.

Down the road is Brean Sands, over-run by acres of fixed caravans and Pontins. Just avoid.

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2 responses to “Happy Campers”

  1. Hi
    I found you by accident 😀

    Lurve the camper and I’m so jealous. Myself and Boggy want an eriba puck because with one of those we can go to out of the way places.

    Anyhow I have a journal too love, want a link ?


  2. Superb, but it really needs a paintjob to some bright lurid swirling colours. I mean how else will you find it after 20 pints of mead?


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