Chickens and Chillis

Fans (heh, ok, not fans… victims) of the main family site will know I recorded our first year of chicken ownership, month on month, and was quite proud of the fact that we’d not had to buy an egg since May 2005, when we started keeping chickens. That ended yesterday with the first half dozen bought-in eggs. Sob. 😉

For the last month egg production has been down, in fact on many days we’ve had no eggs at all – something we’d not experienced over the first year and a bit. But last week it was clear that the girls were going into moult. Lots of feathers, like friend fox had visited but with no losses. And now one of the White Sussex looks more like a scrawny, two-legged hedgehog than a chicken! Her pink body is covered with tiny white pin-pricks of new feather, and the other two girls are following rapidly. No doubt it takes a lot of energy to make that many feathers and there’s no wonder we’re short on eggs . Hey ho. And the cost per egg is now only… only… 96p. Hahaha…

And similarly, I have been whittering on about my bountiful chilli harvest. Having made super-hot beef chilli and hot sauces, frozen some for later, dried chillis for even later, and given some away as weapons of mouth destruction I’ve finally made some chilli vodka. I bought a bottle at a county fair recently from Frere Quenelle with the thought that if I could make something similar I’d be a happy (and slightly tipsy) bloke. Well I tried mine last night and it’s far, far hotter! 😀

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