Bromyard Folk Festival

Family bish have just returned from Bromyard Folk Festival. It’s still going on at this time but Miss and miss have school tomorrow and need to prepare lessons and/or finish homework… An excellent weekend as ever at one of the best venues for folk anywhere in England. In my opinion. Happily, by Sunday, most of the better beers (of the several dozen available) have been drunk, because by mid-afternoon bish has to be in driver mode. Between Friday evening and Sunday morning however, bish was probably about 6% alcohol.

And I came home with a new friend. Accompanied by a virulent pink gig-bag that gave more than a suggestion of the gender of it’s previous owner I bought a Crafter Electro-Acoustic Fretless Bass. I know, I’m a bad person and an instrument whore, but it was hundred pounds cheaper than retail and in pristine condition. When I pointed out the possibilities of a quiet(er) acoustic bass guitar in my study, directly above Miss’ study, she became quite animated… ‘Buy it! Quickly!’.

The case for the defense rests. The case for the bass may be on ebay any time now…

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