Switching energy suppliers

Oh well… another promise of raised energy prices in the news. On the one hand I feel that energy prices have to rise if we are to reduce consumption, and on the other I don’t fancy paying if I can avoid it (only human after all). So I’ve just gone to http://www.uswitch.com/ and reselected suppliers. I understand uswitch will get a commission for their work (which is, after all, fair) but if I did all the slog myself it would never happen.

In transferring suppliers I could have gone for a greener electricity supplier or for a competitive quote. In the end money talked too loudly and I went for a bit of both. I hang my head.

The last time I switched suppliers I had to involve EnergyWatch because the leccy company were being somewhat disingenuous with the transfer details. In fact they passed a ‘dead’ meter number to the new company and I was paying for imaginary electricity for about six months before I got to the bottom of the final demands! Another reason I’ve passed the slog onto uswitch. Watch this space…


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