Weapons of Mouth Destruction…

Mmph. Mmff, mmmfmff. Mmmmmweeep! Ah, the sound of bish trying to speak through his tears after eating the barest smidgeon of fresh chilli pepper, just harvested from the greenhouse. My word! And other polite expletives. It’s a shame I can’t recall exactly which variety I planted but the packet’s gone – probably caught fire from being too close to the pots, or perhaps the snails ate it. I think the seeds were just called Hot Cayenne. Hot. Such a small word…

Hot Cayenne Chillis
Weapons of Mouth Destruction
Click here for the larger version.

In a recent post, I smiled at my minor faux pas when I picked my nose with chilli’d fingers. Sitting here I am able to tell you that there are much worse things you can do.
[ahem]. It’s a bloke thing. 🙄

On less tender subjects, my fine friend Hazel gave birth to a baby girl early this morning. Over recent weeks, the wee small hours have been times to chat on MSN when sleep was impossible due to the activities of the bump. Now, no doubt, the wee small hours will be times to chat when, er, sleep is impossible due to the activities of the child. 😆

Congratulations, Hazel and Martin, and blessings for a healthy, loved and loving child.


One response to “Weapons of Mouth Destruction…”

  1. Hello mate, you are a sweetie!

    Little Fern is actually behaving much better out of the womb than she was in it. She does at least let me have the odd 5 hours continuous sleep now. She is currently curled up by my feet and making the cutest nuzzley noises.

    Feeling very blissed out up here, despite the sleep deprivation. Ain’t mother nature grand!


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