1&1, more ranting

Getting home from camp and sorting through the mail I found a letter from those nice folk at 1&1 – a suspension of service notice. Apparently they still want their £9.98 for services not rendered and/or not required and are now suggesting the use of a Collections Agency. Oh dear. My letter in return reads much like the email track referred to earlier, so I won’t bother you again. 1&1… just say nein. As they say on their unrevealing web site ‘You can always reach 1&1’s dedicated customer service team who are available to answer your issues quickly and professionally via telephone and e-mail. You will receive professional guidance through any matter you need settled.’ Uh-huh…


3 responses to “1&1, more ranting”

    SLOUGH, BERKSHIRE SL1 1XS, Company No. 03953678

    What a really silly process.

    Might be worth cc’ing the PR manager, asking if he has any further comment to add, if you intend to inform any of the PC ‘name and shame’ magazines.

    Distance Selling Regs 2000, and Electronic Commerce (EC Directive)Regulations 2002* relevant, but actually this seems to be just basic contract law.

    They are under the impression you have bought a service when you haven’t. They have made a mistake. They should refund without causing you any undue hardship in the process. If they make too much of a mess of this, then your losses whilst you try and get the cancellation are also something they should refund.

    * for instance, obligation to provide accessible and effective technical systems, or else you are entitled to rescind the contract.


  2. Well. Happy ending. My offer to raise the cash by writing an article on cancelling 1&1 accounts for the pooter press was met with a counteroffer of lets just forget everything. Do I write that well?

    I was happy to know some relevant legal language too, so big e-cuddles and other appropriate body stroking goes northwards. 😉

    Now, question. Do you think, in about twelve months or so, I’ll get another invoice? LOL


  3. …well if I were you I would keep the paperwork….


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