Well since folk have asked; no, I didn’t get into trouble for the decorating, the colours were very well received. The rearrangement of the kitchen cupboards though, that’s a whole other thing… 😛

Miss’s, miss’s and Mum’s birthdays have been and gone with excellent family get-togethers all over the place (pictures in another place, along with M&m’s French pics). Also had a fine anniversary (15th!) evening at home with friends, including a young drood called ThunderDragon who’s spending time biking around the country in totally enviable freedom, enjoying himself far too much…

Went to pick up a wet suit for miss, for our forthcoming seaside excursions, and came away having spent far too much money on miscellaneous bits and bobs… like two more wet suits and a kayak! Oh well, if you’re going to have fun… and it’s not like we’re flying anywhere (not a bad thing in the current mad climate)

At some point I must have suffered a late night point and click frenzy, because the other morning a copy of Dark Star One popped through the door from those nice folk at Amazon. It’s very buggy; really needed a few more weeks in the beta shop. No doubt there’s a patch coming out very soon (I hope), but for all that it’s an interesting mission based ‘ship against the universe trading/fighting Elite type game’ – just what a stressed out telecom engineer needs some nights… shame it’s not multi-player though.

Had a morning’s greenhouse grazing today, and I’m really quite pleased. Here’s one of the baskets full of too much stuff.

fruit basket
larger pic

I think the chilli’s and tomatoes and going to become chutney later on. There’s still masses hanging on the plants in the ‘house, not to mention all the onions and garlic, beans lettuce and sweetcorn still in the front plots. I think the layout of the vegetable plots could be fettled next year, but we’ve done quite well from my initial experimentation. I admit to leaving much of the weeding to Miss though, before she comments…


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