Panic sets in as I realise Miss and miss are back home tomorrow. And probably preceded in arrivals by my mum, who’s down to celebrate her seventieth too! Oh well, the house is mostly tidy, the garden ploughed (I mean weeded and mowed) and the cupboards are… bare. Bugrit! Knew I’d forgotten something. How easily one slips back into that single life of beans on toast and cheese omelettes.

Probably need to go shopping. 🙂

Mind you, I don’t think I’d be a happy single guy again now (hopefully no fear of same need occupy me!). I’ve painted three rooms, re-ordered the kitchen and bathroom cupboards and installed Linux on one of my computers, just to keep busy! Somehow I missed tidying the garage, and I never did get around to dusting off the exercise bike despite my best intentions. I can’t wait for them to get back.

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