No such thing as Nature…?

When one thinks of academics who research Paganism with honour, knowledge and respect, up pops Prof. Ron Hutton. One of my other ‘favourite’ academics is Graham Harvey, but I’ve never until now thought to look out his Internet presence. is an excellent site that I’ve been spending far too much time drifting through this morning when I should have been doing other things (but it’s too, too hot!)

I really like his comment (I’ll let you find it yourself) where he says ‘But what if “nature” doesn’t exist? What if it is an illusion produced by European dualistic attempts to divorce “culture” (what humans do) from the rest of the world?’ We tend to use the word ‘nature’ to mean everything else that’s not ‘us’, and I think he’s put his finger right on the spot by suggesting the word is almost irrelevant to Pagans, at least animist Pagans. There is no division, and once you accept that the word loses all it’s importance. There is ‘me’, and there is ‘not me’, but it’s all ‘nature’, and nothing is not ‘nature’. So then, what does ‘un-natural’ mean please? 🙂

Have a great weekend. I’ll be down to Glastonbury tomorrow for the Pagan Federation Wessex Conference. May the sun shine a little bit longer (but some night-time rain would be greatly appreciated…) 😀



2 responses to “No such thing as Nature…?”

  1. I’ve not looked at the site yet, but I can understand the theory, to a point.

    My current thought is that something that’s man made is not natural, which conflicts with Harvey’s idea. Sure, everything comes from the earth, but man messes with it to make metal, bricks etc.

    Of course, they’re all reclaimed by the earth eventually….hmmm


  2. Very interesting theory – I obviously agree we are all nature – everything is in essence at least from nature. The idea of the word and our disassociation with the word itself as humans is facinating and no doubt brought on by modern religions such as Christianity and the usual propagandas that brings – satan / herne etc.

    Got me thinking!

    Time to get dirty – is dirt really dirty though? ummmm



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