Sit down, rest your tyred bum…

In my earlier post about the Priddy weekend I mentioned that Miss had bought a set of garden furniture, made in Thailand out of old tyres. Well here they are!


Tyre Furniture
larger pic


They’re really comfortable, rugged and not at all bad to look at – which you might not think when you consider their parentage. It’s an exercise in recycling. There are massive stocks of old tyres in the world; some of them get shredded and mixed with aggregate to make road surfaces, some are used to sheet down hay and silage in farming, at least a few have been used by a work colleague to make a rubbery (that’s a rockery in his garden, using tyres coated in soil and cement for the structure) and loads and loads get dumped in landfill or in the hedgerows. These get sat on. 🙂


2 responses to “Sit down, rest your tyred bum…”

  1. alexandra wild Avatar
    alexandra wild

    Really love the tyre furniture! Where can I get it from?


  2. The fellow you need to speak to is Rich Hindle, who jointly runs Padma Trading. His email is richazmcc1(a) Do please tell him hi.


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