Priddy Folk Festival

And we’re back! Tired and dazed after a great weekend. The weather was better than advertised, although last night I thought the tent was going for a fling about the field in extremely strong winds. The music was as great as ever, and the beer… well you know how that goes. 🙂 This year, the folks at Priddy had divided the music tents and the merchandise stalls, with music on the green and stalls across the road. Somehow that didn’t feel quite right, and I wonder if it affected sales too. However, on Sunday you could see why they’d done so, with a heaving mass of folkers wandering about the place.

I always feel that Priddy could do better on food though. The breakfasts in the village hall are good bacon and egg rolls made by the local school PTA and it’s obvious that this brings in much needful cash, but I’d love a sit down full brekkie… The space and kitchens are there, all it takes is a prod. 🙂 And the pubs – great beer, fantastic sessions… but closing the kitchens at two o’clock? Surely they can afford to pay the chef for an extra hour or two given the amount of business they’re turning away? But very minor rants over a weekend filled with fun in a beautiful setting.

I don’t know that we actually listened to as much music this year as in previous times. I guess we’re all a bit shattered; Miss having finally completed the school reports and me with my [ahem] hectic social calendar… 😉 Nevertheless, we sat in on a few sessions and workshops, and saw great music and banter on stage. Sets that shone out for us included Kirsty McGee, Les Barker, The Incontinentals, Toms Napper and Bliss and of course we couldn’t get a seat for Waterson:Carthy! Miss bought a set of garden furniture made in Thailand out of old tyres (no, really, they’re great – I’ll post pic’s once they’re delivered) and I bought a Djembe! Always fancied one. As ever, can’t play for toffee. Yet.


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