Awen Pendant

For years I’ve worn a pentacle, overlaid on a tree of life, as a mark of my path. However, as the wheel’s turned I’ve become less inspired by the pentagram than the Awen; that triple ray denoting inspiration in the Druid tradition. I wasn’t able to find one on general sale that really did it for me but ran across Harriet Challis-Jones, a silver crafter in Anglesey, who has made me a one-off that I’m very happy with.


Awen Pendant


One thought on “Awen Pendant

  1. That is beautiful bish, a great find.

    Your relationship with the pentacle is interesting. I’ve found my old one is making itself known rather a lot lately, and I’ve been on the brink of putting it back on again.

    Round and round we go 🙂


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