In praise of the legal system

Those words would not normally leap to my tongue, but I was minded to post this simply to give the link to an interesting piece of comment regarding the Rachel Nickel murder of 1992, on Wimbledon Common. I don’t follow the tabloid media, and hadn’t really involved myself in the actual story except for noting the dreadful incident on the headlines of the time. I didn’t know how the Metrolpolitan Police had gone about fitting up a London Wiccan for the murder, nor how, eventually, it was proven beyond doubt he had no involvement. Go read.

Forgive any typo’s in this post. I’ve just got back from the Druid Network’s MidSummer rite inside the circle at Stonehenge. That involved getting up at 02:30 to drive down to Salisbury plain for the 4:50 sunrise, which took place out of sight behind gloomy rain-filled clouds! LOL Happily, our rite was a little more intimate than the 17,000 person ‘open access’ rave party last Wednesday (the actual summer Solstice), just one hundred Druids and likeminded people of spirit.


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