Don’t take that call!

So, apparently (uh-huh) it is now dangerous to make mobile phone calls in thunderstorms… Yep, that phone can summon down Thor’s displeasure. I heard it on the radio this morning and thought I was dreaming, but now here’s the story.

It cites several people who had been struck by lightning, and because they were speaking on their mobile phones the conclusion is drawn that the phone was the cause. Hmm… just about anyone outside nowadays either has in their possession or is speaking on a mobile phone. Isn’t it even slightly possible that the phone has no relevance to the strike? They probably all had fillings in their teeth too; some metallic.

‘It is well known within the thunderstorm detection community that wearing or carrying metallic objects can increase the likelihood of injury.’ Well get rid of that watch too, and the umbrella!!! Don’t put that up in the rain! Are you mad??? Oh, hang on, what are umbella’s for FFS? Why haven’t they got safety advice printed on them? Are you playing… golf?

So, unless someone tells me mobile phone radiation reduces the resistance of human skin (wasn’t that TETRA?) then I’ll keep calling while Thor’s feeling playful. 🙂 Feeling Friday-ish…


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