Brown backs new Trident

How far away they feel, those days of ‘old’ Labour. Of socialist ideals, CND and, in fairness, opposition. Now Brown has come out of the pro-nuclear cupboard and said he wants to commit us to buying a new nuclear weapon system.

As I said in an earlier blog, I’m no pacifist. But as a Pagan intimately connecting to deity through nature, I cannot in all honour consider any eventuality that would permit me to unleash such world-killing forces. And from that point of view I can only see a new nuclear weapon as a waste of money – a vast amount of money too.

New Labour has run the economy with some undoubted skill. Much of the applause for that must go to Gordon. But as President Bliar buys himself a couple of jet airliners, presumably to willy-wave with his mad mate to the west, it’s just one more nail in the Labour coffin.

Those jets are fun too. On Radio 4 it was stated that Bliar needed these planes to cut the increasing cost of flying scheduled (er, probably not cattle class) flights around Europe and the world. In the aforelinked story it states that they will cost about £2.7M more than current arrangements. And why, FFS, is there a need for so many flights anyway? Europe is barely a station away on the cheaper, more environmentally friendly rail link. And folks, we have videoconferencing now… Two-Jags is now trumped by Two-Jets…

And while everyone and his comrade has been portraying absolute confidence in Gordon taking on the mantle of Leader, I wonder how may ‘old’, proper Labour backbenchers there are still left who might like to remind him of the Labour party’s anti-nuclear weaponry past…?

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