Green Fingers (2006w23)

Quick update

The radish are all out now. We took about 1.5kg in the end, the last as they started to bolt (pretty little yellow white flowers). The white onions look close to being ready, or perhaps are over-ready (I have no idea but there are the signs of flowering on a couple, which can’t be good). The beetroot looks similarly close to ready. We’ve taken a pound or so of strawberries already, and they’re lovely! Loads more to come. The lettuce is ongoing, and I’ve bought some new types to sew in between the existing plants we’re eating. We might have three parsnips; survivors of miss’s weeding endeavours… The beans are up the sticks now and flowering a lovely crimson red, but the raspberry canes are bereft of leaf thanks to the chickens – who fail to even attempt to understand the concept of netted plants. If they’re in the run, they’re fair game. In the greenhouse we have more chilli pepper plants than space. The tomatoes are bushing up nicely and are about two feet tall, as are the yellow and red pepper plants, some of which are flowering. We have at least one cucumber! The apple trees are showing signs of small fruit buds… All in all, success in parts. However, hayfever and gardening doesn’t go well together, so some stuff is bound to go awry, like the weeding for example. 🙂

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