Saving the Planet without Costing the Earth

Just finished this book, ‘Saving the Planet without Costing the Earth’, by the complicatedly named Donnachadh McCarthy (a Cixen, as I once was). I bought it on the back of the docu-drama series ‘It’s not easy being green’, on BBC TV recently. I expected it to be a simple list of things that one can do to improve, to minimise the environmental footprint of one’s home life – and it is. It is also a very good read. In between the categorised lists is a tale of a man’s transformation from ballet dancer to environmental activist and member of the upper echelons of the third party in the UK. It’s dead interesting, and I recommend it. More than that, it gives both a satisfying glow as you chalk up the ticks in the boxes you already manage, and an inspiring push to continue and to tick more boxes in future.Tags: , , ,

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