Our hero writes, shortly after 6.06pm on 06/06/06…

I had to grin. You might too…


The Burning Times has learned of a massive project by the Christian Church worldwide to protect the world from the dark lord who is expected to arrive sometime today.

Codenamed “Satan Watch” the secret project involves placing Christian Ministers in Maternaty Wards across the world to inspect and bless every newborn child born on or around the 6th of June 2006 (6/6/06).

Moonbeam Dancer, a new mother in a London Hospital gave birth to a son just after five past six this morning reported that “A crazy minister guy snatched my son and inspected him from head to toe, splashed him with water and chanted some crazy words over him, I was so scared like it was a christian scarifice ritual or something, If my hubby hadnt been there I dont know what would have happened”

2 responses to “Our hero writes, shortly after 6.06pm on 06/06/06…”

  1. Dopy minister – everyone knows it was due to be born at 6 minutes past 7 this morning because that was 6:66 6/6/2006 – Oh Damn! That 2006 thing wrecks it, we are going to have to wait another 4660 years yet.



  2. LOL, but hang on… We’re on BST, surely we ought to be working to astronomic time… that would be 6:66 am UTC – 6:06 am BST this morning which was the alledged time of Master Moonbeam’s dousing (not dowsing, you New Agey folks!). As for 6666ce, why not 66666666666ce, I’m in no hurry (although, in fairness, he’s not really in my pantheon…)


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