Show of Hands, Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury

An excellent evening at The Roses last night, with Show of Hands. I suppose this blog entry is really no more than a link; if you read this and have never listened to them, go click now…

One of the splendid parts of any SoH gig is the part where they plug their current CD, just like any other band. Unlike any other band, however, they say ‘go buy, go home, rip it and spread it about!’ How many bands do that? Their arguement is that they’ve found so many folk attend their gigs on the sole basis of a copied CD or tape that they get paid in gig tickets.

The Roses is a great venue, too. Good seating, splendid views with no intrusions, fine sound and a bar upstairs. 🙂 And only thirty miles up the M5. Nice. And I’m back there on Wednesday to see Gordon Giltrap, a guitarist I’ve not even listened to since I was… well a bit younger than I am now. I have some stuff on LP in the garage, but no doubt he’ll have some CD’s on the night. I wonder if he allows rips? lol

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