Green Fingers (2006w19)

Planted out this week:

  • Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans (left hand bed rear)
  • Cobra French Beans (left hand bed rear)
  • Brocolli ‘Sprouting Calabrese’ (right hand bed rear)
  • Random potato!
  • Fennel

Already in the Vegetable Plots:

In the Greenhouse:

  • Tomato ‘Alisa Craig’ (potted up ready for growbags)
  • Tomato ‘Ildi’ (potted up ready for growbags)
  • Yellow Peppers (single plant from garden centre)
  • Purple Peppers (single plant from garden centre)
  • Chilli Peppers ‘hot Cayenne’ (potted up)
  • Coriander (for leaf)
  • Sweetcorn ‘Minipop F1′ (potted up ready for planting out)
  • Mimulus ‘Extra Choice Mixed’
  • Lupin ‘Gallery Dwarf Mixed’

These seeds failed to germinate, or to thrive, possibly through over-watering…

  • Zinnia ‘Sunbow Mixed’
  • ‘Fried Egg Plant’
  • Stock ‘Brompton Mixed’
  • Viola ‘Bowies Black’
  • Cucumber ‘Sunsweet’
  • Cucumber ‘Tiffany F1 Hybrid’

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