IE7 beta, and Macromedia Flash

In keeping with bish tendencies to break computers, I’ve just installed Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0566 beta and Internet Explorer 7.0.5346.5 beta. Both are working well, and IE7 has much of the latest Firefox advantage, such as tabbed browsing, built in. Neither has crashed… yet.

But on my home site, and a few others I’ve written, the sidebar buttons don’t work well under IE7. They are Macromedia Flash based buttons, and now require two clicks to activate. I went looking for the reason why, and found it in the Microsoft Discussion Groups, which linked to an article that shows how Microsoft lost out in a patent battle and has therefore had to introduce an initial click into flash based objects to activate them before playing.

I’m now in need of a slight redesign then, to replace my (admitedly overcomplicated) flash buttons with simple ones. Watch this space, folk. And in the meantime, click click…

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4 responses to “IE7 beta, and Macromedia Flash”

  1. The buttons work fine in Firefox 1.5.02 🙂


  2. It’ll be interesting to see whether Firefox is persuaded to accept this limitation in the flash media, or if indeed MIcrosoft find it’s too damned awkward and bludgeon through with it’s use.

    It reminds me of the gif (I think it was gif)nonsense when someone popped up and said they owned the patent to an already broadly scattered and mature technology. Folk just smiled and worked on…

    In the meantime, I’ve not yet loaded this box with Firefox. I’m taking it all very slowly after trashing it within days with my customary wild abandon. Not that I have many worries about Firefox. 🙂


  3. Its Firefox now


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