Being of a certain age…

It’s not often that television steals away my very breath. Perhaps I’ve become too cynical. But tonight, after watching the first episode of Dr Who, series (gasp!) 28, which in itself was mostly brilliant and set the new Doctor into the storyline very well, I went over to BBC Three for the background story. Spoilers follow

At the very end of the ‘making of…’ documentary, David Tennant walks on to screen and says ‘hello, Sarah-Jane.’ And she turned around and it was Sarah-Jane Smith (or more correctly Elisabeth Sladen), albeit a tad older. Nothing much really. But ‘my’ Doctor was Jon Pertwee, and Sarah-Jane was ‘my’ Doctor’s sidekick. Immediately, I was washed over with empathic memory which indeed, literally, took my breath away. I guess the important things of childhood have that hook into the psyche that more grown up experiences never manage. I can’t wait… 🙂
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5 responses to “Being of a certain age…”

  1. Know exactly what ya mean, circa 72/73 ‘gulp’.


  2. My doctor was Jon Pertwee, too, and Sarah-Jane my favorite companion!


  3. Aracos (Michael Eric Berube) Avatar
    Aracos (Michael Eric Berube)

    My first Doctor was Peter Davidson, but that is only because Doctor Who is a much more recent thing here in the States. Shortly after our PBS affiliate ran through the Peter Davidson series, they followed by Tom Baker who I adopted outright as MY Doctor. We are enjoying Mr. Eccleston’s series now on SciFi having just finished the first Dalek episode in the new run. It is my hope that this will be popular enough on SciFi that they will continue to purchase the syndication as long as the series continue. As “Dr. #9” Eccleston is fond of saying…it’s “Fantastic!”


  4. I suppose my first one was Tom Baker. LOVE IT! However, I did watch most of the previous ones with repeats and what not. Even the not-so-lost William Hartnell episodes.


  5. It must the the ‘age’ in the title, but this post keeps getting hit by numb skulls who want to advertise their anti-aging drugs! I like getting older! It’s natural FFS! Please, go away and botox your self silly. 😛


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