Green Fingers (2006wk14)

If you are wondering what on Earth this list nonsense is about (especially the first one that popped up unexpectedly – well ok, I altered the time stamp and back-filed it.), well it’s like this: I’ve never been much of a gardener, and luckily Miss has been. But with the pressures of work this year at school, Miss had little time for sowing and planting and I picked up the ball a bit – then discovered I quite liked it! But I know nowt about gardening except that it aggravates my hayfever in high summer 😛 so I’m having to take it slow. I’m blogging what I sew, plant and harvest; what worked and what didn’t, and what failed so spectacularly that we all had a laugh at ‘back to the land’ bish…

Sowed in the Greenhouse:

Zinnia ‘Sunbow Mixed’
Cosmos ‘Purity’
‘Fried Egg Plant’
Dahlia ‘Minstrel Mixture’
Stock ‘Brompton Mixed’
Viola ‘Bowies Black’
(Onion Plant seeds, probably a duff deal as the main plant is a bulb)
Mimulus ‘Extra Choice Mixed’
Lupin ‘Gallery Dwarf Mixed’

Cucumber ‘Sunsweet’
Cucumber ‘Tiffany F1 Hybrid’
Lamb’s Lettuce
Runner Bean ‘Scarlet Emperor’
French Bean ‘Cobra’
Brocolli ‘Sprouting Calabrese’
Tomato ‘Alisa Craig’
Tomato ‘Ildi’
Coriander (for leaf)
Sweetcorn ‘Minipop F1’

Planted out in the Veg Plots:

Lettuce ‘Tom Thumb’ (Plot 2, front left)
Salad Leaves ‘Spicey Mixed’ (Plot 2, front left)
Spring Onion ‘White Lisbon’ (Plot 2, front middle)
Beetroot ‘Detroit 6’ (Plot 2, front right)
Radish ‘Mixed’ (Plot 2, front right)
Lettuce ‘Sherwood’ (Plot 2, front right)
Parsnip ‘Countess F1’ (Plot 2, behind strawberries)
Onion ‘Red Baron’ (Plot 1 front two rows)
Garlic (strong) ‘Cristo (Plot 1, behind white onions, row four)

Planted behind the veg plots:

Sunflower ‘Teddy Bear’
Sunflower ‘Scarlet’

Planted in the front flower bed:

Gladioli nanus ‘Claudia’
Dahlia anemone ‘Nippon’

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