Keep Britain Tidy (if you dare)

Whatever happened to the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign? It was all over the place (well, in a tidy sort of way) when I was a kid. Recently I’ve noticed, possibly due to the winter die-back of the hedgerows and verges, that the litter-bug message could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Keep Britain Tidy

It was with some astonishment then, that I read this news piece, where a man has been fined £50 for putting litter in the street bin! Apparently the litter was two pieces of junk mail he had picked up from home and discarded as he travelled to work. The fining authority says he also put other ‘domestic’ waste into the bin, thereby filling it and preventing others from using it… excuse me?!

Perhaps the message we are receiving here is that we ought to chuck the junk mail into the hedgerow, or someone elses garden, or just fling it into the road. I think the fine for that is about the same. Madness. This person did a reasonable thing, he threw junk mail into a bin. I hope he fights the fine and provides a bit more waste to the authority – that of time and money.

In the meantime, folks. If you chuck anything into the bin, make sure it has nothing that could incriminate you on the litter!

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