Let it snow (our chickens are now automatic!)

Not that we’ve had much snow as yet, last day of February that it is. Nevertheless, it’s fairly chilly out there, and putting the chickens in at night and releasing them in the morning is currently not on my list of 100 best things. (by the way, what on Earth is this current fad on television for 100 [best / worst / silliest / sexist / most boring / interminable] things ever’ all about? Run out of cheap and pointless tellie ideas at last?).

There’s also the issue of going away for the weekend, and who looks after the chickens. We’ve been very lucky with friends and neighbours thus far, but it would be nice to be more independant. Hence, this afternoon, and in the thick of the snowfall, I’ve fitted a light sensitive electric chicken door oujamaflip! I’ll have to monitor it for a few days (wouldn’t want any of our ladies locked out!) but as it stands, sun goes down, door does too; sun comes up, door does too… idiot proof!

Hopefully, that will be the only modification I make to the chicken run for the time being. However, with H5N1 Avian ‘Flu coming ever closer I fear there’ll be a time when I’ll have to keep the birds under cover. I don’t wish to return them to the 6’x6’ run they were in last year, now that they’ve got used to relative freedom, so I may have to erect something over the new run. Perhaps you know where I can get seventy square metres of transparent corrugated plastic sheeting?

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3 responses to “Let it snow (our chickens are now automatic!)”

  1. Sometimes I like a mindless activity in the evening, like watching a good old TV show about the 100 best this or that, particularly while drinking a glass or two of wine (I’m having some now).

    Concerning your chickens, are you saying that you have found chicken-sitters for them while you are away. I’ve heard of babysitters, but . . .

    And finally, it seems that you love your chickens very much. They are lucky to have you to look after them. Best wishes for you and your chickens.


  2. […] in February 2006 I fitted a Chicken House automatic door opener. Three years on the four AA cells have depleted and […]


  3. Anne-Marie Kelly Avatar
    Anne-Marie Kelly

    David has mentioned your chickens, but have you got more pictures of them. I could only see the two in the snow.


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