, a music monitor

A few folk in The Druid Network have been enthusing about a new-ish and probably beta website which monitors the music you play on the computer, showing the whole world your (my) pathetic folk rock leanings…

So I’ve taken the plunge, signed up an account and loaded the plug-in that runs within my iTunes software. You can now see what I’ve been listening to since tonight, at

Funny, looking at my music page it feels a little odd. I guess in many ways my music says a lot more about me than my blog, my website or even my forum postings. My life is tied intimately to music (ok, I can’t actually play very well but I listen harder!) and much of my spirituality is connected to rhythm and music as well. Publishing my musical ‘taste’ is almost like going to work naked. Almost inapproriate. And there’s a kind of frisson, too. What will folk think? Will it change their perception of me? Heh, cool; I must go off and analyse a few other folk…!

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One response to “, a music monitor”

  1. Gosh, I agree with you Bish! I feel this pressure to listen to exceedingly cool music now (whatever THAT is)! I won’t judge your musical body, I promise! 🙂


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