Richard (and Danny) Thompson

What a great night! At the last minute, Miss bought three tickets to the Richard Thompson concert at the Bristol Colston Hall (or Coal Snaw as it’s more correctly known as by the indigenous people of Bristle). Although they were upstairs, the sound was pretty fine, and the view down upon Mr Thompson (Richard) and Mr Thompson (Danny, no relation) was very fine indeed.

The Hall has had a make-over since we were last there, and all the seating has been upgraded to red-clothed wood-laminate fixed chairs which were comfortable throughout. And car parking was only £1.60 in the adjacent multi-storey, whch was nice…
Richard Thompson was presented only on this last Wednesday with the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Lifetime Achievement Award for his ‘groundbreaking’ work, and he certainly was filled with energy tonight! The man was on fire! Danny Thompson’s double bass-work was equally as brilliant and sent vibrations thrumming though our bones, even to our distant viewpoint. A fantastic nights entertainment, thanks Miss!

I shan’t bore you with the set-list, because I can’t recall it all. Sufficient to say I was thrilled to hear 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, while Miss was a tad miffed to miss out on Beeswing. I noticed Jethro Tull were appearing next month but already the tickets were limited to the back rows upstairs, and me with no binoculars…

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