Oh the joy, the misery!

Having been left behind this afternoon while the girls go shopping, I’ve managed to get the music corner sorted out, and looked forward to a good noodle (well ok, if you’ve heard me you’ll know it’s never a good noodle, only a terrible racket – but I like it!). But I was out working in the cold most of yesterday, where it didn’t actually get above zero (the sensor on the car read -5°C all day and no, it’s not busted), and today my fingertips are all cracked up. I’d not really noticed until I started bleeding onto the bass strings… bugrit! No fair.

Anyway, I’ve now got the multi-tracker on a heavy duty music stand, in between the basses, with the too small Peavey Microbass amp in front and the mandolins hung on the wall above. (The rest of the musical menagerie are hidden all about). I think, with the purchase of the Boss BR-864, the Digitech BP200 effects pedal becomes redundant, so you might find it on eBay before long, we’ll see.

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2 responses to “Oh the joy, the misery!”

  1. Oh! Hail to another Bass & Mandolin playing Druid!
    Just taken up the mandolin int he last year, but am finding it a wonderful compliment to my bass when I’m not in the mood for bottom end and not really in the mood for the 6 string.


  2. Heh, thanks Aracos. I never managed the six string, but I’m having the greatest fun on the four and the double four string.


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