Big up Little Birdy!

Just now on the BBC News24 was film of a Mexican bull called Little Birdy, that was being ‘fought’ in a bullring in Mexico City. The film shows the huge bull leaping over the ring into the crowd, goring several spectators before it was despatched by one of the fighters. I don’t think I can give a URL to the BBC video, which is available by searching the BBC News Archives. Stills are available here

I dare say a few folk who get their vicarious kicks from watching bulls slowly stabbed to death now have an inkling of what they support. I feel for the woman who sustained a six inch chest wound, but at the same time I wonder if she’ll be quite so tolerant of watching similar injuries imposed upon bulls in future.

As with fox and stag hunting in this country, I deplore the terrorising of animals simply for the pleasure and entertainment of those who follow the ‘sport’. I understand the need for fox and stag culling and I eat meat, but to take pleasure in anothers pain is barbaric. (well, at least when it’s non-consensual…!) I salute the spirit of Little Birdy! Fly well, fellow.


One response to “Big up Little Birdy!”

  1. Nice coverage. Now that’s what I call audience participation.


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