Birthday beauty

45 today. Say it quick and it doesn’t sound so bad. 🙂

Jack Frost sent me an early morning gift too, on top of Miss’ car.
Jack sends his greetingsJack says hi I remember those heady days of childhood winters, before central heating and double glazing, when my bedroom window would be sketched with wonderful designs by this playful wintry god. Such pictures, so marvellous that they surely could not be other than faerie-made. I don’t think I’ve seen ice pictures like this for many years, and I’m grateful to Jack for his art. (a larger version of this picture is on the family site, photo’s, other stuff)Older, and perhaps a little wiser, I’m grateful for both central heating and for double glazing. It does prevent Jack’s window art though, and I’m glad to be reminded of it. Right, back to the merriment downstairs and finish off a particularly good 1991 Vacqueyras, and then to burn it off again on the exercise bike!

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