Firefly II – a fan funded sequel?

If, like me, you absolutely loved the science fiction series Firefly you’ll have bewailed the fact that Fox pulled the show after the first series, bought the DVD’s and then raved about the film sequel Serenity (still in the flicks and due out on DVD in February (mine’s pre-ordered*))…

You may be interested, then, to know that there is a site out there working towards funding a second series of Firefly through fan sponsorship. I don’t have any information beyond what is given here, but go look, maybe it’ll happen… It’s not the first attempt to rekindle the story, there have been others… who knows?

*pre-order. Yes, I know, as someone recently said on a forum, WTF is it with this nonsense? Either I’ve ordered the bloody thing or I haven’t! How does one ‘pre-order’? I might reserve a copy, but how do I pre-reserve? Damned yankie foolishness. 😉 And for the record, I’ve ordered a copy, which will be despatched once it becomes available. Sheesh!


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