Argh! That point and click eBay frenzy!

I’ve been watching home recording kit on eBay for some time, particularly Boss Digital Multi-tracks such as the BR-532, BR-864 and BR-1180. I want to try multi-tracking some of my wibble, and these appear to be on the level of my meagre abilities… Although I wouldn’t say I am a musician, I mess about with acoustic and electric mandolin, electric bass, bodhran, flute and concertina – surely enough to make a reasonable din if all played together! 🙂

Today I noted an eBay alert, set for Boss BR series multi-track recorders, pop up on screen with a BR-864 with a buy it now price of £150. Before I could stop myself, it was [-click-] mine. Most of the 864’s I’ve been watching have gone for a final auction price in the region of £180 to £220, so you can see how my fingers must have over-reacted. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with it, and a little fearful that the answer will be; not much.

Anyway. It’s my birthday next week, so I guess I know what I’m getting… 😀


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