And thus they win…

Bing, bong! goes the email demon as the next email slides gracefully into my already overloaded intray…

Apparently a few of our folk have been approached outside some of our sites by non-Company people and [horror!] have been asked about their religious beliefs. That’s resulted in a broadcast email about how to ‘disengage from the conversation’ and seek security advice! And thus the terrorist wins. We are now so freaked out by our own nightmare-filled imaginations that bumping into a Jehova’s Witness can set DefCon scenarios in motion.

Now I’m a Pagan. We sit comfortably within our own spiritualities, communing with our own gods and unless you ask you’ll never hear from most of us (ignoring any self proclaimed witch-dressed in red dressing gowns of course). But it is the nature of some faiths to evangelise, proselytize, convert… and as much as it’s annoying it is their path! And you know what? Most of them won’t be blowing anything up!

As Albion coasts, eyes closed, towards Nanny Totalitarianism, it’s the little things like that email that depress me the most.


2 responses to “And thus they win…”

  1. So, are folk canvessing using private DDI ranges? ‘cos that would be a different matter altogether. Probably someone has tipped off the tabloids to some tat, and the *cough* journalists are trying to find folks that stumble into their ploy.


  2. Nah, I wasn’t clear. This was personal approaches as folk entered and left a site. I’ll make a small edit to clarify. But can you imagine now, a JW knocks on your door and you call for the anti-terrorist squad. No inane jokes please.

    And of course it needn’t be the JW. I know lots of religions teach that their members should seek and des^H^H^H convert. 😉


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