Linking in, and Book List

Since this blog is so new, at least in this location, I doubt many / any folk are actually reading it. If you are, perhaps you’ve a link to your own site you would like to swap with me… Feel free to plop it into a comment. 🙂
Currently reading:

Jude Fisher : Fool’s Gold Trilogy, book two. Wild Magic.

Good stuff, but far too many complicated characters all interacting in deeply interwoven plotlines.
I bet it’ll be better the second time I read it. And I will.

Stephen Fry : The Ode Less Travelled.

A witty yet immersive treatise on writing metered poetry. My poetic licence has many endorsements, but I enjoy it, and every now and then have what I think is a success. What everyone else thinks is, of course, variable.

J Williams (editor) : The Barddas of Iolo Morganwg

The book that reinvented much of modern Druidry. Written my a drug-addictd fraud, it is nonetheless required reading if one is to understand how Druidry got where it is today.
Incidentally, the link I’ve put for this work is at sacred texts. I value this site highly and recommend it to any path-seeker

On the Pile:

Hans Bemman : The Stone and the Flute.

Recommended. Who knows…

James Lovelock : The Revenge of Gaia: why the Earth is fighting back – and how we can still save humanity

Looking forward with some dread to reading this. Not published yet, on the virtual pile! [26/01/’06 Promoted to the real world pile!]

Robin Hobb : Soldier Son Trilogy, book two. Forest Mage

One of my favourite authors. Her nine book Farseer/Liveship/Fool triple trilogy stands as my all time favourite fantasy. So much so that I have all of them in first edition hardback, like the anorak I am. 😛


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  1. If you use Flock , you can include tags in your posts, this helps publicise your site based on the material your blogging about. See, and grase through some blogs that are aggegated via this method.


  2. Thanks. I suspect I write this crap more for my own benefit to be honest. 🙂
    I’m looking now at technorati…


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