Fat bottom’d bish, you make the room go spinning ’round…


Thanks to Queen for the title. 😉

Well, it’s been a week since I brought the exercise bike home and, like a religious fool, I’ve made my devotions every evening. To be honest, my regular gods don’t expect so much of me… Over the week I’ve pedalled for a cumulative hour and a half, burned off more than two thousand calories, raised the temperature in my study by two full degrees and, and… put on a kilo! What’s that all about?!

[sigh] Well o’course, that’s yer actual fat turnin’ to muscle, innit? 😛

Still. Two thousand calories is nothing to sniff at. I bet that’s a whole plate of battered Mars Bars. Well, if I ever ate Mars Bars of course. Hang on… /me goes looking in drawers. Here we go… Oh Gods and Favoured Spirits! It’s less than half a Green and Blacks!!! A weeks hard cycling and it’s half a bloody G&B organic… which is now sitting in front of me, curiously open.

And now it’s not. 😮

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