A day of challenges.

On arriving at site I found the network down and the switch dead, so called in to the helldesk. That involves of course a multitude of button pushes as I negotiate the wonders of the call handling software (…hit 7 to scream, select 8 for more hold music, nine for more options…). By the time I had explained the trouble I was beginning to bite the telephone. Eventually they promised a call back, so I thanked them, hung up and then pulled the power on the switch. Needless to say it came back to life at power up. If I had a pound for every fault that cleared on ‘power cycle’… but I’ve learned my lesson, I always offer them the opportunity to ask me to do it first.

Moving on to my real job of the day, I set up the first of my contractors with their permits, but they are awaiting the arrival of a part, coming from another craftsman who is also working for me today. Hours pass, and I eventually find my craftsman has been diverted to another site – along with the part the contractors are waiting for. Hey ho, I grin.

Getting back to the laptop now, I find a database has crashed on a remote server, preventing me from extracting some information for a report. Back to the helldesk (select 3 for more irritating musak, 4 to have the line accidentally dropped…) to report the fault. I’m promised a fix within 24 hours, but since I’m well into a few weeks on more than one outstanding (in more ways than one) fault I sigh and run the calming program (10: get coffee, 20: drink coffee, 30: scream, 40: goto 10). Life’s not always like this. Sometimes it rains too.

Oh, I’ve set this rubbish to http://blog.rosher.net as well, which is a bit easier to type in. A bit. And I’ve changed the theme too, as the text didn’t read well on my screen (no idea about yours…) πŸ˜‰

As I type I am currently missing ‘Invasion’ episode 3 on E4. But it’s ok, I saw it last week. If you’ve not seen it, it has every promise of being quite a good episodic remake of the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

Off to the boat show this weekend, so at least I shall have a break from the pleasures of the exercise bike… Am I getting fitter? Er, probably not. πŸ™‚

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