“The Root of All Evil”

Did you see Richard Dawkins on Channel 4 last night? He set out his stall as an avowed atheist and argued that all war and hurt in the world can be laid at the door of religion. Not entirely irrational of course, but then he set out to find the most fundamental examples of three main religions – Christian, Muslim and Jew – in order to show their fanaticism. In the end I think he showed himself to have the most bigotted fundamentalist attitude of them all! Happily he left us quiet peaceful Pagan types alone 😉 It was great television though, and if it offered a polarised viewpoint of religion, it leaves perhaps the question of what spirituality brings to the mix. I look forward to the next installment…

4 thoughts on ““The Root of All Evil”

  1. I saw that someone suggested it’s perhaps not the root of evil, but the has been exploited a the ‘tool of evil’… Didn’t we come across the ‘Tool of Evil’ when we met some ‘Pockets of Resistance’ whilst implementing the ‘Trousers of Democracy’?


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