………..and breath!

So here we are, the end of 2005ce – which hasn’t been a bad year all in all.

The festivities have taken their toll on poor bish. I weighed myself last night and discovered the pot belly weghed about a stone, that being the amount I am over my normal 12 and a bit stone (in metric I’m currently 85kg). I don’t do New Year Resolutions, but I resolve here and now that stone has to go.

Since Solstice, the household has been frentically busy. My mum came down from North Wales to stay over for the best part of Christmas week, and we met up with friends and family – often in pubs and restaurants. The upshot is that I have eaten far too much food and drank far too much ale and wine. Still, it was good to meet up with everyone, but can I take a breath now? Please.

As usual, we didn’t do much in terms of pressies for each other, but I dedicated two groves of ten trees in new English woodland, bought another couple of acres of Ecuadorian Rainforest and planted some more trees by proxy in Africa courtesy of Tree Aid. Miss once more gave to Oxfam. miss put more money and love into Orangutan and Rainforest rescue.

As I said, I don’t ‘do’ resolutions, but some of the things I intend are:
Actually start Bass guitar lessons; no, really.
Work towards entering the Ovate grade in OBOD.
Create the new organic vegetable plots before planting time!

Now, although we’ve got through a dozen or more bottles of pretty great wines this last week, I have one more bottle of Champagne cooling in the ‘fridge. So whatever you’re doing for midnight, have a good one as we complete the collapse into happy drunken stupour… May the gods be with us into the lighter days.

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