Pigs and Chooks

Happy daze. After a small amount of back breaking work in the front front garden, the chicken run is now fenced about its perimeter. I have yet to build the gate, but with the guinea pig run wedged up against the entry the chooks now have free reign of about seventy square meters of grassed area – not that it’s likely to remain grass for much longer from the look of things! I need to secure the bottom of the fenceline too, before friend Renyard comes a-visiting…

In the run the girls have a nice Ash tree for shade in the summer, and a small but growing holly tree to one side. They also have, for the moment, the remains of last years vegetable plots, but they’ll be going in the spring as we dig a new plot outside and to the front of the run. Still, for now they enjoy the best slightly past it’s prime brocolli and squash.

Having laid little Tichina guinea pig to rest under the trees in the back garden, we have secured a new companion for Ginger Spice. I’m a little vague on the actual name this new pig has been gifted, but being mostly white with a nice black patch over the eye names of a piratical nature might suit. She’s of the same sort of age as Ginger, and came from a local animal rescue centre. Pics on the family site, for those of you who know where that is…

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